The correct charger for lithium batteries is 18650, single
The correct charger for lithium batteries is 18650, single
The correct charger for lithium batteries is 18650, single
The correct charger for lithium batteries is 18650, single

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The "correct" charger for 18650 lithium-ion batteries, disposables, pads of various form factors, etc.

The use of crocodiles expands the scope because there is no need to have a special case where the battery is installed.


1. Used charger on TP4056 with short circuit protection

2. The device is fully automatic - plug it in and forget it (it will show by itself with a red LED that the battery is charging, and at the end of the charge, the device will stop charging and the green LED will light up 0 - the charge is over).

3. The device, unlike 95% of similar devices on the market) has a PLASTIC CASE. This has a number of advantages - it is more durable than heat shrink, it does not have holes for LEDs (they shine through the case, so it is much more difficult to fill such a device with water), the thermal regime of the device is better and, accordingly, it will last longer than those in heat shrink, looks better.

4 Charging is suitable for all types of lithium-ion batteries, has 2 crocodile clips for convenient and quick contact with the battery.

5. The device has a widespread micro-usb input, which allows you to use any charger

6. Unlike cheap competitors, the charger provides correct and most importantly safe charging.

All you have to do is connect your device to your micro-usb charger and battery. The charger will do the rest :).

The default charging current is 1 ampere, under the order I can make a charger for a lower current.

Input voltage: DC 4.5V-5.5V

Output voltage: DC 4.2V

Charge current: up to 1A

Operating temperature: -10°C to +85°C

I WILL IMMEDIATELY ANSWER THE POPULAR QUESTION - what prevents me from charging from charging from a mobile phone directly without your charger.

A standard charger does not have a controller that monitors the battery charge (it is installed in your phone). In fact, a phone charger is just a 5 volt power supply. Accordingly, when charging with such a power supply without my device, at best, it is easy to kill the battery, and in the worst case, it can ignite and explode, since when turned on directly from charging from a mobile phone, neither the charging current nor the voltage on the battery will be controlled.

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